Why Drivers and Riders Need To Be Aware of Motorcycle Safety

Once summer comes, motorcyclist all over the country takes to the roads. When it comes to the freedom that motorcycles can give on the open road, it’s important to be responsible and be mindful of the dangers that come along with riding a motorcycle.

Not only do motorcyclist need to be cautious when riding but motorist in four-wheeled vehicles also have a responsibility of making the road safe for motorcyclists.

The National Safety Council wants both riders and drivers to be safe and aware to help reduce the chances of motorcycle related accidents.

Some Motorcycle Facts

According to Injury Facts®, nearly 5,000 motorcycle riders and passengers were killed in accidents in addition to 88,000 nonfatal injuries in 2015. Death among motorcycle riders and passengers have risen nearly 3% from the year 2006 to 2015, caused largely by an 8% increase in 2015.

In 2014, a third of motorcyclist who died in an accident were alcohol-impaired. Speeding was the primary cause of more than 30% of motorcycle crashes in the year 2015.

Do Drivers Ever Think About Motorcycles?

From clothing to common sense, how you approach your ride is important, experts say

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